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AD Freight, Owner

Our company has 40 trailers, and when they are in Chicago, we try to bring them all to Igor for service. Igor is not only extremely knowledgeable but also willing to help and take your call which is priceless especially when you get stuck on the road. He will always give you a hand, ask as many questions as needed to diagnose the issue and tell you what to do to get you  moving.


VAT, Inc., Co-Owner

When we bring our trailers for regular PM service to them, Igor also does a very detailed diagnostics to uncover and fix any existing or potential issues.  This is why our trailers are on the road, running with no issues till the time they are due for the next PM.

Specializing in Thermo King and Carrier

Trailer Refrigeration Unit Diagnostics & Repair

We understand how important it is to keep your reefer trailer well maintained and performing at its peak. A good maintenance program which starts with diagnostics will help you protect refrigerated cargo as well as avoid unexpected equipment failures and, as a result, load losses. Our subject matter experts have a deep knowledge of reefer unit mechanics as well as electrical part and electronics which allows them to perform quite sophisticated diagnostics.

  • Reefer diagnostics and repair
  • Fleet maintenance and diagnostics
  • Mobile fleet service
  • Preventative electrical diagnostics
  • Freon level inspection
  • Microboard endurance check
  • High pressure compressor performance check
  • and more!

Diagnostics is the key to identifying the issues correctly, from the first time.  It saves you time and money as we get your reefer in and out of the shop as quickly as possible. Schedule yours today!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We don’t need to visit a dealer as our trailers run between one PM and the next one without any issues

I didn’t hesitate to start my own business because I knew Igor, his professionalism, so I was sure that with him my fleet would be in good hands

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